How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

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You’ve heard all the lines. “A picture is worth a thousand words.” “Pictures are timeless.” “A picture is a poem without words.” These statements all ring true. Unfortunately, they don’t do much to relieve the pressure of choosing a wedding photographer. That’s why we’re here. We want to answer your questions and help you with some very important things to consider when hiring a photographer to capture your big day.



How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer


How much does my budget allow for photography?

This is very important. On one hand, you don’t want to fall in love with a portfolio only to find out the photographer is far beyond your budget. On the other hand, you cannot get a redo if you hire an amateur and are disappointed with the end result. After the wedding and honeymoon is over, the cake is gone, and the flowers are wilted, the photos will still remain. Narrow down your favorites, schedule a consultation, and find out what their prices and packages include. At Sensational Images, we offer a variety of packages to meet every need and price range.


What does the photographer specialize in?

When hiring a wedding photographer, you want to make sure you’re hiring a wedding photographer. You don’t want to hire someone who shoots primarily family and senior portraits and is only looking to fill some time on the weekends. Someone who specializes in wedding photography will know when and where to be to capture the most important shots of the day. They know what memories will stand the test of time.


Do they have the skills and experience I need?

Websites and social media have made it easier than ever for photographers to share their portfolios. This is a very valuable resource for potential clients, but it is limited and at the photographer’s discretion. Don’t stop there. Ask to see recent samples of their work. Discuss where you’ll be taking photos and ask to see prior work they’ve done at similar locations. When you schedule a consultation with Sensational Images, we can seat you in our screening room with slide shows, videos, and plenty of examples of our work displayed throughout the studio. In addition to their portfolio, you should also look for reviews from clients who the photographer has worked with in the past. And, remember, busier isn’t necessarily better. Yes, it will indicate that the photographer is in high demand, but are they prepared to handle the workload? Choose someone who can give you the focus you expect.


Do they have the products I’m looking for?

How do you plan to display your photos? Digitally? Prints? Canvas? Albums? An increasing number of photographers these days solely offer your digital images on a disc with print rights. That leaves it up to you to purchase all of your prints, albums, and any art work you may want through another party. If you need more than digital images and don’t have the time to commit to creating and ordering the products yourself, make sure your photographer can meet these needs.


Do they offer any of the other services I am looking for?

Will you be hiring a videographer/cinematographer to capture your wedding? Is this a service the photographer offers or will you need to hire someone else? Perhaps you’re interested in a photo booth for the reception. If the wedding photographer you choose offers these as well, it may save you money over hiring through multiple sources.


Lastly, the question no one wants to ask. What if something goes wrong?

You don’t want to think about it, we don’t want to think about it, but some things are out of any of our control. These are things you definitely want to address with potential photographers. Is the photographer insured? If there is an emergency, tragedy, hospitalization, who will shoot your wedding? Make sure they have reliable, reputable backup photographers readily available. Do they offer professional printing? You want to know the quality of the prints and products you’re paying for are well worth it. Do they use high end gear, and will they have backup cameras if there should be a hardware or equipment malfunction? (As a sidenote, don’t base their quality of work solely on their quality of gear. Buying a Canon doesn’t make you a photographer. It just makes you a Canon owner.) Before you sign a contract, be certain these situations are covered and clearly explained.



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How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer


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